Dental Crowns Petaluma

Dental crowns are a cosmetic and functional restoration for damaged or decayed teeth.  Unlike a filling, a crown is applied to cover the entire portion of a tooth.  A dental crown is used to repair a broken or decayed tooth that cannot be restored by fillings.  Dr. Mahmoodi is an expert in applying effective and long lasting dental crowns at her Petaluma office.

The crown acts as a protective shell for the tooth and improves its durability.  You can recover an improved cosmetic appearance as well thanks to the tooth-like appearance of the crowns.  The most common crowns are produced from porcelain, this material allows them to achieve the natural look of teeth.

A crown procedure, first involves reshaping of the tooth and taking an impression.  A portion of your tooth will be removed to ensure the proper fit for the crown.  After the reshaping procedure, a special material will be used to take the impression.

The impression is sent to a laboratory, where the permanent crown will be made.  A temporary crown will be fabricated and cemented to ensure your normal bite and chewing functions.

Upon your next visit, the permanent crown will be ready to be placed in your mouth.  The temporary crown will be removed and substituted for the permanent.  The crown is cemented in place and polished for maximum aesthetics.  Your restoration is now complete and you can enjoy a new smile to be confident about!

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