Dental Implants Petaluma

If you have missing teeth or have damaged ones, you need a permanent solution.  Dr. Mona Mahmoodi specializes in dental implants.  Our office in Petaluma utilizes the most advanced techniques to create effective restorations with dental implants.  We perform treatments that are adapted to fit your personal needs.

If you need to replace a tooth, Dr. Mahmoodi will plan a personalized treatment to restore the form and function of your natural smile.  Dental implants remain one of the most popular methods to restore missing or damaged teeth.

The initial consultation will begin with an examination of your teeth and dental health history.  Dr. Mahmoodi will analyze your unique dental condition to formulate an individualize treatment plan. On the day of the procedure, an anesthetic will be applied to maintain your comfort.

A small incision will be performed on the gums, the implant is inserted and secured in the bone.  The dental implant will integrate with the surrounding natural tissue.  This can take three to six months.  A temporary restoration will be worn to protect your tooth and perform daily functions.

During the final visit, dental crowns or bridges will be made for the restoration.  They are attached to the implant abutment and polished to look like natural teeth.  After the treatment, you can schedule follow-up visits with Dr. Mahmoodi for maintenance treatments and healing assessment.

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