Dr. Mona Mahmoodi

Dr. Mona met her husband who is an Orthodontist in dental school and they got married shortly after that. She has become very attached to the beautiful nature and people of Sonoma county. Dr. Mona feels fortunate that she ended up in this special family dental practice with a long history of care for the community.

“I am very interested in each of my patients as individuals – their school or work, interests and hobbies. I want to know what they want for their teeth and smile. I always ask the patient and parent if they have any questions or concerns and listen carefully to their responses. Because I want to exceed their expectations. I hope you enjoy your visit to our office.”

When not working at Park Plaza Dental, Mona enjoys spending time with her family, traveling around the world, and baking.

Top Dentists in Petaluma, CA 2015

A Petaluma Dentist winner of the 2015 Patients’ Choice Awards.

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